Coded Skeleton

Video Showcase 2017

We propose a design method for fabricating a novel shape-changing user interface, called “Coded Skeleton”, by computationally integrating actuators and sensors using a mechanical metamaterial. This design method realizes the deformation of various curves using simple expansion and contraction actuators, leveraging the fact that the Coded Skeleton is flexible in one deformation mode but stiff in other. We describe the design method and structural analysis of the mechanical metamaterial that can uniquely define deformation along with outlining the creation and control method of the Coded Skeleton using this structure. Finally, we propose three applications of the Coded Skeleton.


Ippei Suzuki
University of Tsukuba
System Development
Camera Assistant
Miyu Iwafune
Shibaura Institute of Technology
Miyu Iwafune
Shibaura Institute of Technology
Taisuke Ohshima
The University of Tokyo
Yoichi Ochiai
University of Tsukuba

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