Levitrope / Yoichi Ochiai (2017, Mixed Media)

Media Ambition Tokyo 2017 2017
Leviation is strongly related to the magic and the enchantment. Media Instruments in Edison’s age are developed to defy the gravity by the rotated visual film images. Here is the artwork called “Levitrope”, this word stands for "lev(levitation)" and "trope(rotation)". This media installation displays levitated metallic balls and they rotates on the wheel like structures. It reminds us our body and embodiment of ourselves under the gravity. This mirrored sculpture reflects the scenery of the city and lives around the place installed. Rotated and placed "mirrored images" mediates the scenery and our body. We envision these zero gravity kinetic sculpture will new media installation of Digital Nature Age.


Yoichi Ochiai
Ippei Suzuki
University of Tsukuba
Technical Support
TASKO inc.
Atsushi Shinoda
University of Tsukuba
Daitetsu Sato
University of Tsukuba
Kenta Suzuki
University of Tsukuba
Kotaro Omomo
University of Tsukuba

Relaeted Materials

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