Colloidal Display / Yoichi Ochiai (2012,2016-2017, Mixed Media)

Media Ambition Tokyo 2017 Client: Yoichi Ochiai 2017

We are continuing to explore the intermediate between materials and images. Blue shining Morpho butterfly is floating in front of Tokyo city view and skyline. Material like images appearing with blurred figure on the surface of the liquid film, this appearance is obtained by vibrating the transparent thin film by ultrasonic vibration and scattering the light from the projector. The state is fragile and unclear however it certainly impresses us the figure of a butterfly shines there. This work is based on the material vulnerability that disappears when touched by and the specialty that it is drawn only at places where ultrasonic vibration and light meet on thin films less than 1 micrometer in thickness. We reconsider the components of the video media: sound and light and expressed thoughts in the form of installations to explore the intermediate between matter and images.


Yoichi Ochiai
Ippei Suzuki
University of Tsukuba

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