Ippei Suzuki Works
Ippei Suzuki Portrait
Ippei Suzuki 鈴木一平
Videographer / Photographer /
Engineer / Researcher

Work 職歴

Education 学歴

Awards 受賞・表彰

    Akira Ishii, Masaya Tsuruta, Ippei Suzuki, Shuta Nakamae, Junichi Suzuki, Yoichi Ochiai.
    Let Your World Open: CAVE-based Visualization Methods of Public Virtual Reality Towards a Shareable VR Experience.
    The 10th Augmented Human International Conference (AH '19), ACM. 2019-03-11.
  2. Best Poster/Demo Awards 2nd Prize
    Mose Sakashita, Keisuke Kawahara, Amy Koike, Ippei Suzuki, Kenta Suzuki, Yoichi Ochiai.
    Transformed Human Presence for Puppetry.
    Asian CHI symposium: Emerging HCI Research Collection in ACM CHI 2017, SIGCHI Japan Chapter. 2017-05-07.

Inside the University 学内

Exhibitions 展示・作品展

  1. Recomposition of Human Presence: Waves, Material, and Intelligence
    Yoichi Ochiai et al..
    Ars Electronica Festival, Ars Electronica. POSTCITY, Linz, Austria. 2017-09-07 to 2017-09-11.
  2. Alchemists of our Time Exhibition / Artist Lab Yoichi Ochiai
    Yoichi Ochiai et al..
    Ars Electronica Festival, Ars Electronica. POSTCITY, Linz, Austria. 2016-09-08 to 2016-09-12.

Talks and Lectures 講演・講義

  1. See-Through Captions: Real-Time Captioning on Transparent Display for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People
    Ippei Suzuki.
    Design and Creation of Inclusive User Interactions Through Immersive Media, SIGGRAPH Asia 2021. Virtual, Japan. 2021-12-16.
    西川喜久, 落合陽一, 本多達也, 遠藤謙, 鈴木一平.
    Tokyo Tokyo ALL JAPAN Collection, 東京都, 東京の産業等の魅力発信イベント実行委員会. 東京スポーツスクエア, 東京, 日本. 2021-09-05.
  3. 【xTalk #7】田中沙紀子×設楽明寿×鈴木一平
    田中沙紀子, 設楽明寿, 鈴木一平.
    xTalk, xDiversity. オンライン配信(日本科学未来館研究エリア xDiversityスタジオ), 日本. 2021-06-02.

Client Works 業務・請負など

Grants 研究助成

Inside the University 学内

Scholarships 奨学金など

Inside the University 学内

Media Presentations メディア掲載

Web Article ウェブ記事

  1. 感覺像看影片一樣!即時出現字幕 方便聽障者同時確認言語與表情
    See-Through Captions.
    自由時報電子報. 2021-12-08.
  2. Mahasiswa Universitas Tsukuba Jepang Berhasil Buat Alat Praktis Bagi Tuna Rungu Berkomunikasi
    See-Through Captions.
    Tribunnews.com. 2021-12-07.
  3. Real life captioning boosts accessibility with “See-Through Captions”
    See-Through Captions.
    Zenbird, Roger Ong. 2021-09-08.
  4. Transparent Captioning Displays - The 'See-Through Captions' Display Supports Adaptive Use
    See-Through Captions.
    TREND HUNTER, Michael Hemsworth. 2021-08-31.
  5. This transparent display for captions designed for the DHH community makes sure facial expressions aren’t missed!
    See-Through Captions.
    Yanko Design, Shawn McNulty-Kowal. 2021-08-26.
  6. James Dyson Award 2017: top 20 shortlist announced
    Scoop Media. 2017-09-29.
  7. YADORI: Control de marionetas con tecnología #VR #SIGGRAPH2016
    Dessignare Media, Damné Jesús. 2016-08-14.
  8. 11 Things to Look for at SIGGRAPH 2016
    RocketStock The Blast Blog, Caleb Ward. 2016-07-11.

Newspaper and Magazine 新聞・雑誌

  1. The age of artificial intelligence: Helping seniors live longer, healthier in Tokyo
    The Straits Times, Walter Sim. 2019-08-11.
  2. Gushed Diffusers: Fast-moving, Floating, and Lightweight Midair Display
    Gushed Light Field.
    Demo hour. interactions 24, 1 (December 2016), 8-11.. 2016-12-22.

TV テレビ

Radio ラジオ

Other Works その他の活動

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